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At York EMC Services, we appreciate the challenge which faces manufacturers trying to get to grips with the complexities of EMC and LVD testing. We understand that many manufacturers need help and advice when determining the applicable standards and how to apply them. This is where York EMC Services can help as we consider that our business is not just about testing (lots of labs do that) but about building lasting relationships with customers through helping them to achieve compliance with the EMC Directive. We've been doing this for over 10 years.

York EMC Services Ltd currently owns three UKAS accredited laboratories serving a wide area of the UK. These are located in Castleford, West Yorkshire, Donibristle, Fife, and our newest laboratory in Bristol, formerly Global Telecommunication Laboratories.

All our laboratories offer EMC and Electrical Safety testing. Standards and tests are continually added to our portfolio, so please contact us for our latest capability. However a selection of common EMC standards include:

Information on our LVD testing capability and radio/telecom testing capability is available separately.

In addition to our general work, our laboratories have specialist areas such as railway EMC, on-site testing and electromagnetic site surveys and medical.

Whether you require formal UKAS accredited testing, pre-compliance or diagnostic testing, or design modification work, you can be confident of a professional and helpful service from York EMC Services Ltd.

Should you require a quote, please complete a customer equipment form (CEF) and send it to us; contact details are on the form.

Last updated: 2008-Jul-27