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Study on the application of Directive 95/54/EEC in respect of the EMC of road vehicles.

A report for the European Commission DG III by York EMC Services Ltd, University of York


This study has examined the implementation of 95/54/EC (the Automotive EMC Directive) in the European Union Member States with a view to determining distortions and disparities in its application. This has been done by sending out a set of questionnaires to Vehicle Manufacturers, Electronic Sub-Assembly (ESA) Manufacturers, Aftermarket Manufacturers/Suppliers, Competent Authorities and Technical Services.

Significant disparities in implementation of 95/54/EC, both legal and technical, have been identified and solutions have been proposed.

In the short term, during the next 12 months, it is recommended that Guidelines for the application of 95/54/EC be issued by the European Commission. Suggested content for these Guidelines is given in this report.

In the longer term, approximately four years timeframe, it is recommended that an amended Directive, by means of an adaptation to technical progress, should be published and adopted. Recommended subjects to be studied for this adaptation are also given in this report.

It is recommended that the adaptation to technical progress covers not only the disparities in application of 95/54/EC but also addresses technical deficiencies in the present Directive, changes required due to automotive and telecommunications systems development since the publication of the Directive and alignment of test procedures with internationally recognised standards where possible.

For the special case of installing aftermarket equipment into vehicles, it is recommended that CE-marked (i.e. certified to 89/336/EEC or 1999/5/EC) apparatus for use in the residential, commercial, and light industrial environment should be deemed to have fulfilled the radiated emissions requirements for 95/54/EC without further testing, providing that appropriate evidence of testing is provided.

In addition to the Guidelines and proposed amendment of 95/54/EC, the following is also recommended:


You can download this report as a PDF file (1.96 MB).