UKAS Accreditation


Only laboratories which have been accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025 may display the UKAS Royal Crown logo illustrated here.

EMC management is about identifying risk and minimising it by design change and risk mitigation. The consequences of risks associated with EMC vary according to products, markets and operating environments. Not all manufacturers will face the very real safety risks associated with, for example, the medical or rail sectors, but all risk prosecution and commercial loss if products are not compliant with the relevant directives and litigation is an increasing factor to be considered. UK law requires companies to “exercise due diligence” in ensuring that products meet the requirements of the EMC directive. Choosing a UKAS accredited laboratory is part of that due diligence and would strengthen a company’s case for having taken all reasonable care in the event that a case ended up in court.

York EMC Services offers a very high standard of testing, both EMC and LVD, and to ensure that a defined standard is achieved and maintained, all our laboratories are accredited by UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of laboratories. UKAS assess York EMC Services’ laboratories on a regular basis to be sure that the right people, facilities, technical expertise, management systems, and track record exist to do the job correctly on an ongoing basis.

The standard for the competence of laboratories is ISO/IEC 17025 and is the standard against which York EMC Services is accredited by UKAS. This should not be confused with ISO 9000, which only relates to a laboratory’s quality system and does not specifically evaluate the technical competence of a laboratory. Our non-testing activities fall within the scope of ISO 9001, and are detailed separately.

The latest published list of standards we are accredited to test to can be found below. However we are regularly adding to that list so please contact us if the standard you require is not listed.

Site Testing

Whilst UKAS accreditation is achievable for on site testing it tends to be specific to particular combinations of product, environment, and tests required. Thus York EMC Services’ site testing is not as standard UKAS accredited. Where required, accreditation for a specific set of site tests could be achieved.

Pre-compliance and Post-compliance Testing

There are many cases where it is prudent to carry out preliminary EMC checks on a prototype during development to reduce emissions and strengthen immunity before final testing and design sign off. This is referred to as pre-compliance testing as it takes place prior to formal compliance testing and is part design and development rather than the approvals process per se. Pre-compliance testing is outside of the scope of our UKAS accreditation as it usually only involves a subset of the full series of required tests. This approach will generally save cost overall if the EMC characteristics of the product are not known as the risk of test results being out of limits during compliance testing is reduced.

Whilst York EMC Services provides pre-compliance testing we would not recommend it as an alternative to full UKAS accredited compliance testing.

Similarly there is a place for post-compliance testing to ensure that a product remains compliant during its production life. If an EMC critical component, for example a fast switching power FET or a filter component, is changed, re-testing should be carried out. However, if there is doubt about whether a component is going to affect EMC a set of simple EMC measurements could be carried out to determine if a full test is required. Thus post-compliance testing can be either a full, UKAS accredited test or a non-accredited test as appropriate.

Last updated: 2010-Jan-31