Design and Testing of Partially Lined Rooms

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L.Dawson*, J.F.Dawson*, A.C.Marvin*, D.Welsh**

* University of York, York, England
** York EMC Services Ltd, York, England


This paper describes the design and measurements that have been made on a partially lined screened room. The design described uses ferrite tiles to implement the partial lining technique described by Dawson and Marvin. Dawson has devised TLM (Transmission Line Matrix) modelling code so that damping levels can be predicted prior to application of the lining. The paper describes how the code was used to arrive at the end design. This includes a description of how modelling of a biconical antenna, broadband noise source and ferrite tiles were undertaken. Graphs of both measured and predicted performance are presented. Measurements of site attenuation of the partially lined chamber with respect to EN 50147-2. and CENELEC report R110-003 are also given.


You can download this paper as a PDF file (118 kB).