EMC Training for the Railway Industry

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3-day Short Course in Railway EMC

EMC in Railways is a highly recommended, unique three-day course that will provide you with the essential knowledge required to achieve EMC compliance in the railway environment. The course has been endorsed by the IET.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) has been a major problem for equipment suppliers to the Railway Environment. The dynamic nature of the railway, the increasing use of modern inverter technology as well as the use of modern radio based technology presents a harsh and complex electromagnetic environment in which safety critical apparatus is expected to operate as intended.

Further details are available from our CPD pages.

How to book

Check for the latest course dates, and enquire or book on-line, or contact us for a further details.

Bespoke Courses

If you have a team of Engineers which you feel would benefit from EMC training as applied to Railways, it is possible to organise a special bespoke course to meet your needs.

At York EMC Services Ltd, we recognise that training may be more effective if tailored specifically to the needs of the client, particularly where several members of staff can benefit from the training.

This is why we can go that extra mile to provide bespoke training on any EMC/Railways related subject within our expertise. What's more we will endeavour to provide training:

Working together, we will identify your EMC training needs and based on this formulate a unique training programme, including full course notes. Please contact us with details of your training specification.



Last updated: 2009-Oct-05