EMC for the Built Environment

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is a growing area of concern within the built environment.

The new EMC Directive requires the Responsible Person for a Fixed Installation to document the good engineering practices and to take account of the installation, use and maintenance requirements of the apparatus being brought together. This documentation must be produced on demand to the enforcement authority (OFCOM and local weights & measures authorities in Great Britain, and OFCOM and DETI in Northern Ireland).

Complex environments may benefit from a formal "zoning" approach to ensure sensitive equipment is not adversely affected by heavy plant or intentional transmitters; the routing of power and structured cabling should follow established standards (eg EN 50174-2).

The EMF Directive (2004/40/EC) will come into force at some point after October 2013. In readiness for this, end-users may request evidence that known sources of EMFs are below the ICNIRP limits.

York EMC Services can provide advice on zoning and cabling layout, documentation for fixed installations and advice and site surveys for sources of EMF.

Last updated: 2012-Nov-21